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Green Armor launches new anti-phishing / pharming technology

June 16, 2005

US-based Green Armor Solutions has launched a new anti-phishing Web ID product, Identity Cues, which uses visual cues such as coloured letters during log-in to proactively inform users whether or not a Website truly belongs to the organisation that it appears to represent.

The patent-pending Identity Cues technology is the first product from Green Armor. The firm says the software is simple for enterprises to implement, integrates with existing back-end anti-fraud systems and makes no significant demands on users. The software runs on Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms.

Cues are displayed as users type their usernames and passwords. The visual aids vary between users, but are identical on each login for any particular user. Access need not be from one's own computer in order to be secure, says the firm, and there is no need to verify the identity of a user before presenting a cue.

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