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Psychology Techniques Behind New Anti-Phishing Solution

August 5, 2005

USA-based Green Armor Solutions has unveiled an innovative technique, designed by a psychologist in conjunction with an information-security expert, to help firms prevent their customers and employees from falling prey to phishing, pharming, identity theft, and online fraud.

Identity Cues leverages a unique combination of psychology and technology to make obvious to users whether they are communicating with an organization's legitimate online presence or with a phony website set up by a criminal.

Identity Cues offers several major advantages over earlier anti-phishing offerings; for example, there are no extra steps during the user login process, and, even if people do not make a conscious effort to use the anti-phishing/anti-pharming system, the system can still be effective at protecting them. Users do not have to download/install any software, configure anything, carry any security devices, register for any services, or memorize any extra secrets.

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