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Green Armor Solutions Secures Financing

Focus on Combating Phishing, Pharming, and Online Fraud

Rutherford, NJ – September 13, 2005 – Green Armor Solutions™ Inc., a leading provider of online security software including a unique anti-phishing technology, announced today that it has secured a round of financing through an equity investment.

Green Armor Solutions intends to use the capital to expand its sales and marketing operations, to add global distribution channels, and to enhance its infrastructure to meet growing demand for Identity Cues™, its revolutionary anti-fraud system that leverages psychology to help prevent phishing, pharming, and online fraud without adversely impacting users of protected systems.

Phishing and pharming are forms of online fraud in which criminals impersonate legitimate online enterprises and trick people into divulging confidential information that is then used for executing fraudulent financial transactions, identity theft, or other illegal activity. Criminals have also used phishing and pharming to solicit access credentials from corporate employees so as to gain access to sensitive corporate applications and data. According to Gartner, about 57 million Americans were targeted for phishing in a recent 12-month period, and phishing-related fraud has already reached $1.2 billion annually.

Identity Cues leverages simple visual cues to make obvious to even untrained users whether they are communicating with an organization’s legitimate online presence or with a criminal’s phony site.

Identity Cues offers major advantages over alternative phishing-prevention offerings. No user enrollment is required, and there are no extra steps added to the user login process. Even if people do not make a conscious effort to use the anti-phishing/anti-pharming system, the system can still be effective at protecting them. Users do not have to download/install any software, configure anything, carry any security devices, register for any services, or memorize any extra secrets.

“Phishing and pharming exploit a human weakness, not a technology vulnerability. A system designed by a psychologist to simplify matters for users is uniquely positioned to combat phishing far more successfully than systems that layer-on complex technology that may confuse already frustrated users.” said Joseph Steinberg, CEO of Green Armor Solutions.

Identity Cues works with virtually any web-based system and server platform.

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About Green Armor Solutions

Green Armor Solutions offers innovative solutions to information-security challenges facing today’s businesses. Its flagship product, Identity Cues (patent-pending), leverages a unique blend of psychology and technology to deliver effective protection from phishing, pharming, and online fraud while allowing users to continue to enjoy the simple login process with which they are already familiar.

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