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Identity Cues for Email: What It Is


Identity Cues for Email is an innovative software solution that allows organizations to safely use email as a medium of communication with customers and employees by greatly reducing the risk of end-users being tricked by phishing email messages. Identity Cues for Email makes obvious to recipients of email messages sent by a person or organization that the messages were truly sent by the sender; even novices can quickly and easily spot a potential phishing email message. No user enrollment is necessary, and users do not need any training or special software; they can read email using the same email clients with which they are already comfortable. Users do not have to download/install any software, configure anything, carry any security devices, register for any services, or memorize any extra secrets.


Identity Cues for Email: How It Works


Criminals rely on their ability to replicate the "look and feel" of email messages sent by a legitimate business in order to trick users into divulging sensitive information. Identity Cues for Email makes it exceedingly difficult for criminals to do so.


Security is achieved through the use of easily recognizable visual cues that appear at the top of every email message sent by an organization using Identity Cues for Email. These cues are based on advanced psychology, and, even after a user has seen even one message from the organization, become an integral part of the user's expected visual experience when reading email sent by that entity. If an email message is received an the cues displayed are incorrect or simply missing, users will notice that something looks "very wrong" with the message and not follow the sender's instructions.


Visual cues vary between users, but are identical on every message for any particular user. Cues may be customized by an organization deploying Identity Cues for Email, but typically consist of colored boxes with basic text elements (such as letters, short words, or short numbers) or famous phrases/quotes within them. Cues are generated by applying a one-way mathematical cryptographic function to a secret key and to either the user's email address or some other user-specific information; without the secret key (which they do not possess) criminals cannot spoof or generate the correct cues for any particular user. Users who receive a phishing email message will not see their cues and will quickly realize that "something is wrong."


Identity Cues for Email requires no user enrollment, or client-side software downloads. Users can continue to read email with whatever email software they like – users are not burdened with any changes to the way that they receive and read email messages.


Identity Cues for Email: Business Benefits


The elegance and simplicity of Identity Cues for Email can provide significant benefits to essentially any organization relying on email as a means of communication. Among these benefits are:


  • Identity Cues for Email allows organizations to safely use email as a mechanism for communicating with customers, partners, and employees - without inconveniencing those parties.
  • Identity Cues for Email can help deliver a significant reduction in the losses (financial and otherwise) incurred as a result of phishing-related fraud.
  • Identity Cues for Email can help protect of sensitive data that is transmitted or accessible online.
  • Identity Cues for Email allows organizations to continue business operations without the need to impose new operationally disruptive processes, capital-intensive systems, or administrative restrictions intended to reduce exposure to phishing.
  • Identity Cues for Email helps deliver greater customer comfort with conducting business online due to improved security delivered without having to impose any new requirements on them.
  • Identity Cues for Email can provide an enhanced shielding against litigation that may arise from phishing-related incidents.
  • Identity Cues for Email helps achieve “Reasonable safeguard” protection for organizations subject to regulatory compliance statutes, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


Green Armor™ also provides professional services and consulting associated with our information-security products. We help all of our customers install and integrate our offerings into their environments, so as to ensure quick and successful implementations. Of course, we offer ongoing support for all of our product deployments.

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