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Green Armor Nets Six CUs for Security Solutions

By Paul Gentile

March 21, 2006

HACKENSACK, N.J. - Six credit unions are implementing Green Armor Solutions' Identity Cues Two Factor authentication and anti-phishing system, Green Armor Solutions announced today.

Hartford Healthcare Credit Union, Sterling Van Dyke Credit Union, State Police Credit Union, Metropolitan District Employees Credit Union, Fairfield County Federal Credit Union, and Homeport Federal Credit Union all chose Identity Cues Two Factor.

Identity Cues Two Factor generates visual cues by applying one-way cryptographic functions and a series of secret keys. Based on the result of the calculations, cues are selected and displayed in a user's Web browser. Only the genuine site can generate the proper cue for any particular user.

If a user logs on from a computer the system doesn't recognize, a one-time password is issued via e-mail or via another system, such as a text message to a cell phone.

Credit unions throughout the country are implementing two-factor authentication systems based on guidelines issued from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council.

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